Two artists not known for their duets come together on Keith Urban's 'We Were Us.' The second single from 'Fuse' features Miranda Lambert as co-lead vocalist. It'd be woefully inaccurate to call this simply a "guest appearance," as it's her voice that opens the song. 

Urban and Lambert play two former lovers looking back on their truncated summer romance. Life was easier then, and while one senses nostalgia, there's far more regret to be found in these lyrics.

The couple are stuck in time, wishing they could go back to: "When that song was a song / I could sing along without thinkin’ ‘bout you every time it came on / Every beat, every line, every word, every time / When a road was a road / I could roll on through without wishin’ that empty seat was you / Money was gas, dreams were dust / Love was fast and we were us."

Jimmy Robbins, Nicolle Galyon and Jon Nite's verses add color with sharp, quick jabs. By contrast, the chorus is one long stream of thought that leaves little room for a breath if you're singing along at home. It's like someone is punching the accelerator of a red-hot Ford Mustang before holding it to the floor. By the end, the song is swelling with energy.

Why Fans Will Love It: Two of country music's hottest vocalists come together to share a few memories. This song builds to a frantic finish that's easy look forward to again and again. The thumping drumbeat makes it one to turn the volume up on.

Key Lyrics: "In a sleepy town, just jumping in / Far too young to know that summers end / We were us, we can't go back / It's what it is, but God I miss …"

Did You Know?: How rare is a Keith Urban duet? A quick look at his past albums' track listings reveals only one other duet (with Ronnie Dunn on 'Love Pain & the Whole Crazy Thing') before the two found on 'Fuse.' He has recorded several duets for other artists' albums, however.

Listen to Keith Urban (Feat. Miranda Lambert), 'We Were Us'

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