Quietly, Keith Urban has expanded the definition of country music more than any headlining artist. But there's nothing quiet about what he does on "Never Comin' Down," the third single from Graffiti U.

Legit, club-worthy beatboxing opens what becomes a song for lovers on a getaway. Lyrically, everything is trumped by a dynamic arrangement that starts off very urban. Ripcord held comparably forward-thinking moments ("Sun Don't Let Me Down"), but those remained album cuts and — for some — concert highlights. Here we have the 50-year-old boldly scorching a new path.

It's slow and purposeful until a chorus that is simply undeniable. Working with Josh Kerr, Urban produced a sonic body slam that holds you on the mat for a full three-count before allowing you to stand for another round. The radio version attempts to obey a few rules of country radio with a thin banjo (maybe?) at the intro. Also ditched is the hip-hop breakdown at the bridge in favor of chanting and more banjo (or perhaps Urban's ganjo?). The original is a more fearless, sharper artist statement that those with an open mind will appreciate. Don't be afraid of the future of country music.

Did You Know?: Co-writer Shy Carter also co-wrote Sugarland's "Stuck Like Glue," another country song with a unconventional vocal breakdown.

Love That Beat-Boxing? Lindsay Ell Can Do it Too!

Keith Urban's "Never Comin' Down" Lyrics:

I can feel it comin’ on now / As the music plays / Takin’ shots with the night owls / As the world just fades away / Got a paycheck in my pocket / ‘Bout to get it all gone / Light it up like a rocket / We’re goin’ all night long / Everybody sing / I love it when you.’

When the sun goes down, stars come out / It’s a…. Can you feel it / When I take you by the hand, dancin’ / And we pass it around, ‘round, ‘round / We’re so high, we could paint the sky / Tear the top right off the ceilin’ / And I swear we’re never ever comin down / Never comin down / Tell me now, can you feel it / Never ever, never comin down.

Well the band’s on fire / And the beer is ice cold / We’re goin’ down to the wire / Then we’ll all go rollin’ home / And maybe we’ll keep it goin’ / ‘Til we see that sun comin up / But right here, right now / I wanna see you move / And hear you sing it out loud.

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