Keith Urban has said that he purposely did not name his debut fragrance after himself because it would sound just plain weird, not to mention awkward, for grown men to answer "Keith Urban" when asked "What are you wearing?" in regards to their cologne. Perhaps that's why the singer doesn't appear in the hilarious, punchy commercials for the scent.

Three Axe Body Spray-style commercials have been created to promote Eau de Urban. There is a common thread in each 30-second spot, and it's the idea that if you wear Phoenix, you will get the girl and your life will improve. There's a lot of power in a cologne bottle.

The first ad, dubbed 'Date Night,' features a couple making out on a brown couch, getting hot and heavy. She stops him, asking, "You have something, right?" One can only assume she's asking about a condom, and we see him hotfoot it to the convenience mart to pick something up. He returns home, flies into the bathroom, empties his bag and a bottle of Phoenix tumbles out. He spritzes and then returns to the couch, to which she responds, "Much better."

The second ad, 'Magic Bottle,' stars a young dude who is jarred awake by a screaming alarm clock. Instead of smashing it with his fist, he spritzes Phoenix and the clock snoozes. He sips coffee and spills it on his shirt. He spritzes Phoenix on the tee and the stain evaporates. Storm clouds gather. He spritzes Phoenix and they give way to the sun! Get the point? There's magic in that there bottle!

'Phone Call' is the third ad, and it's a split screen of the same dude from 'Magic Bottle.' We find out his name is Ben. He asks Jessica out, but she is totally non-committal and makes up flimsy excuses to avoid a date with him. He spritzes Phoenix and … you guessed it. She changes her tune and they make plans. We guess she could smell it through the phone or just sensed (or is it "scentsed?") that he used Phoenix. It has cosmic powers.

That's the soft sell! Wear Phoenix, and the world is yours.

Watch the 'Date Night' Phoenix Commercial

Watch the 'Magic Bottle' Phoenix Commercial

Watch the 'Phone Call' Phoenix Commercial