Keith Urban recently gave Yallwire an intimate look at his Get Closer tour. Urban puts a lot of thought into his stage set-up and the overall production value of the tour, so fans are definitely getting the most out of the dollars they shell out on the ticket to see the singer.

Urban revealed that he initially came up with the idea for a theme park for the set-up, but that he wanted to take it a step further when trying to find the right look. He admitted that he did not want it to be something "literal, but slightly more impressionistic, hence the circle."

Urban performs on a circular stage, since he loves to "get closer" to the fans. While Urban took a tumble off the stage at the very first show of the tour, he's found his stability and feeds off the energy of being in close proximity to the crowd.

"I love getting out among everybody," the singer said. "It gets chaotic, what am I doing out here. There is something about the adrenaline, electricity and on edge unpredictability that I love. I think that's what live concerts are about."

While a major arena tour is carefully planned down the tiniest of details, effectively wiping away much of the unpredictability of a more intimate and much smaller venue, Urban still aims to bring that edgy feeling to his concerts, regardless of size and scope. "When it gets to this level of production, everything is so thought out and there's not much spontaneity left," Nicole Kidman's husband admitted. "I can always feel it, when it's too predictable or trying to look very spontaneous. It's like, 'Yeah, I am not really buying that.' So we're trying to keep some real life in the show, to pull people out of the audience. It's random."

Urban said also, "Everything is in the moment and just on the edge of disaster," which is certainly true when you think about the fact that he fell off the stage. While it wasn't disastrous in that he got physically hurt, it was a bit embarrassing. Overall, though, the singer puts safety of the concertgoers first. "My concern is with the fans and their safety," Urban stated. "At one show in Memphis, the [building's] railing gave way and it made me nervous about getting too close to people up high. They get excited, lean over. It's a terrible feeling. I am trying to find that balance between not letting them get too crazy and letting them respond to the moment too!"

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