Keith Urban really likes to get up close and personal with his fans at his live shows. At the first gig of his 2011 Get Closer Tour in Biloxi, Miss., Urban was walking down the steps adjacent to the round stage to pick a fan to sing with him when he lost his footing and fell in front of thousands of his closest friends! The fall occurs at the 23-second mark in the video footage below.

Before he took a header, Urban asked, "Who's in a singing mood tonight?" He then walked down the steps and reached out to touch a fan's hand when he fell. He got right back up, with an assist, and acted like nothing had happened. It was the equivalent of a pop star's mic cutting out and malfunctioning mid-song, yet they don't miss a beat, note or dance step and keep performing as though everything is fine. Urban is a pro.

It looked like Urban may have slid down the steps, and his ego was probably more bruised than his body. Falling is always embarrassing, but to fall in front of thousands of people? That had to be mortifying. Just ask Shania Twain, whose heels caused her to tumble as she made her way to the stage at the CMT Awards recently. She even released a video addressing the fall. Something tells us Urban won't do the same, but it still makes us realize that country stars are just like us: They stumble, they fall and they get back up on the horse and keep going.

Watch Keith Urban Fall Off the Stage on His Get Closer Tour