Kellie Pickler's '100 Proof' is a love song for the ordinary, drama free, won't-see-them-on-reality-TV couple. The title track from her new album, out on Jan. 24, is available for download at iTunes and will be released to secondary radio stations soon. It remains to be seen if '100 Proof' will be the official follow-up single to 'Tough,' however.

The guitar heavy ballad finds Pickler's big voice buried beneath layers of strings and heavy production. It feels like a song built to showcase her natural talent and passion, but one has to strain to hear what she's singing about.

"Ain't no rain as cold as the look she just gave him / Everyone around us knows a storm has just rode in / I'll call for the check now, baby, you go get the car / They'll stay here and fight it out, yeah they'll close down this bar," Pickler sings in the first verse.

The love song never reaches the emotional climax it promises. The second verse only adds a few unmemorable details to the story, and the chorus is clunky and difficult to sing along to. "We'll go home and lay down safe in the arms of love / And we'll dance all night long on the edge of can't get enough / We'll wake up in the morning like we always do / Drunk on the beautiful truth / We got love 100 proof," she sings.

After a few listens, one is able to appreciate what Pickler is trying to do. Who hasn't gone home after a night out with with friends thinking, "Wow! They're crazy!" If you haven't ... well, it's like that theory about city buses. If you can't identify the crazy person on the bus, it's probably you.

'100 Proof' feels more like a heartwarming album cut then one that all of America will be talking about early 2012.

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