Even though she was once a contender on 'American Idol' herself, country starlet Kellie Pickler doesn't always have time to keep up with the latest on the series, what with promoting a new single and all. But Taste of Country caught up with the 'Tough' singer this morning, and she dished on whether she thinks Scotty McCreery or Lauren Alaina will take home the crown on tonight's finale.

"You know, I finally got caught up on what was going on last night. I think it's really cool that there's two country bumpkins in there!" Pickler tells Taste of Country. "I think, you know, at this point, they're both going to get deals, and I'm sure I'll see both of them in Nashville and we'll probably bump into each other on the road, you know, touring wise. I do wish them both the best of luck."

Though the Season 5 contestant gave her well wishes to both McCreery and Alaina, she admits that she's leaning toward one over the other.

"Scotty is from North Carolina, so I do have a little partiality there for another Carolinian," she spills. "But, Lauren is so beautiful and she's such a great singer. I wish they could both win. I tweeted last night, 'I wonder if there could be a tie?'"

While we don't anticipate there being a tie, we do agree that both of the hopefuls will end up happy no matter who becomes the next 'American Idol.' We can't wait until tonight's finale -- especially since we found out that McCreery and Alaina will duet with legends Tim McGraw and Carrie Underwood.

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