The pre-ACMs festivities are in full swing right now, and we nabbed some time with 'Dancing With the Stars' favorite and country cutie Kellie Pickler. She revealed that her new album will be 'Kellie country' and that her 'DWTS'-loving grandfather will fly out to see the show live in a few weeks.

Pickler, who is bouncing from the dance studio to the recording studio, said the album will be out when she is done with the show, but she is working on both concurrently.

She confirmed that '100 Proof' producers Frank Liddell and Luke Wooten are producing the new effort, her first for Black River Entertainment, and most of the same musicians from her previous album will appear. Most important, however, is the sound she is going for on this next effort.

The new album "is definitely going to be my country…[there were] too many suits and ties, trying to make the calls," the singer tells Taste of Country. "This record will definitely be Kellie country, for sure."

She revealed once again how hard she and Hough are working, saying, "There's no such thing as perfection but we are trying to reach that. There is always room for improvement. Derek is a perfectionist and I can be, too, at times. We want to be great, so we're working hard." Pickler admits they are there at the rehearsal space from the time the door opens and stay until it's time to leave.

She did deem Hough a "dancing drill sergeant" on 'Ellen,' when she also revealed that her husband Kyle Jacobs will perform their wedding song on next week's episode.

Pickler also shared that her grandfather Ken, who lives with her and Jacobs and who loves the show and convinced her to do the series, will come out to see a live performance.

She also pointed out that the day the cast for the new 'DWTS' season was announced, he suffered a mild heart attack, which delayed him coming out to witness a show live and in the flesh. "They put a stent in and he is fine, but we want him to be travel-ready before we fly him to L.A. for the show, but he will be, maybe two weeks, he'll be able to come out," she shares.

Pickler is a busy girl with a lot going on, which certainly delights her fans.

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