Kelly Clarkson is the proud winner of Season 15 of The Voiceand she has no problem rubbing it in Blake Shelton's face — but it's all in good fun.

Though Shelton is the most-winning coach in the show's history with a total of six wins, Clarkson proved herself to be strong competition when she won consecutively during her first two seasons on the show.

The Voice crew had their first day back on set in mid-April, and the "Since U Been Gone" hitmaker celebrated by taunting the country star with her new trophy, bringing fans along for the ride. In a Twitter video, Clarkson makes her way through the set with her Chevel Shepherd trophy in hand, named after her contestant who won in Season 15.

Clarkson invited herself into Shelton's empty dressing room as she jokes, "I just thought maybe Blake forgot how awesome I am, so I thought I'd leave it just like right in his trailer."

She adds, "Do you need more alcohol bro?" with a laugh, panning over to Shelton's small shelf filled with a variety of liquor.

"I'm just going to leave my award in here and be like, 'Oh they must have put my award in your trailer, but I'll take it back because I won and you didn't," she says while exiting the trailer, before ending the video with an excited, "Ayyyy!"

While Shelton has yet to respond, the official Voice Twitter account has given their seal of approval on Clarkson's humorous stunt. "We are so obsessed with this friendly competition," they write.

The two superstars are bound to continue their playful debate as Season 16 airs on Monday and Tuesday nights on NBC.

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