Season one winner Kelly Clarkson performed her new single 'People Like Us' on 'American Idol' on Thursday night (April 11), showcasing an interesting blend of light and dark that's a little bit edgier than some of her past efforts.

The electronic pop track is the furthest thing imaginable from her recent foray into country. It's got an edgy lyric that celebrates misfits everywhere, but it's juxtaposed against an up-tempo energy, with a group chorus that's perfect for a summer single. You can practically see people doing the wave at concerts this summer as she's singing it -- and needless to say, she sang it very well.

Clarkson had a major fan moment after her performance, when Mariah Carey joined her onstage to compliment her performance. Clarkson admitted she was nervous singing in front of Carey, saying if she'd had to audition in front of her during her season on 'Idol,' she would have thrown up on stage.

"I'm so glad you're not mean!" she gushed.

Watch Kelly Clarkson Sing 'People Like Us'