Kelsea Ballerini always goes the extra mile for her fans, and one young girl witnessed this firsthand at a recent tour stop.

Kyree, who is 8 and currently battling back after five rounds of organ rejection in 15 months, was looking forward to seeing Ballerini live in concert during Thomas Rhett's Home Team Tour. The young girl was given a meet and greet with the singer and tickets to the concert. As her mother writes on her Facebook page, it was a fun night that left her daughter "too exhausted" by the concert's end.

"The ushers helped retrieve her wheelchair and got us out to the lobby," her mother writes of leaving the concert a few songs before its close. "I took Kyree to a quiet corner and started her evening routine of meds and blood sugar checks. She wanted the two insulin shots done first to get them over with. I gave them but she could no longer hold back tears. Everything hurts more when you are that tired."

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As her mother searched through her medical bag to get the rest of her daughter's medication, she realized her daughter had stopped crying.

"When I turned around, Kelsea Ballerini was holding her hand. The tears had stopped, and they just talked about the concert and she told Kyree how happy she was that they met," she writes. "She left a few minutes later to go do a final song with the other performers. Kyree said it was the best moment of her night. I truly believe that the best memories come from unplanned events. Success isn't always about how many songs you sell, or the fame that comes with it... it's being yourself and the people you touch. Thank you Kelsea."

Kyree's mother has shared her daughter's journey over the past several years via her Facebook page, Kyree's Dream Team. The page reveals that she received a four-organ transplant in November 2015 after a five-year wait. For more, follow her on Facebook.

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