When Kennedy Holmes sang Adele's "Turning Tables" during her The Voice audition, every chair turned. When she told the coaches she's just 13 years old, Kelly Clarkson looked like she might pass out.

"What?! Damn!" she asks during the Blind Auditions, getting out of her big red chair — seemingly to catch her breath.

"I think she could win. I really do," Blake Shelton tells fellow coach Jennifer Hudson in a hushed voice. Holmes left every coach begging for her to join their team — there were tears, there were laughs, there was even a duet with Hudson!

"I think you're the best vocalist that has auditioned this year," Shelton tells the young singer in a preview for the show's 15th season, which starts on Sept. 24. "You already sound so seasoned and accomplished and have so much control, so much range."

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"I don't want you to get distracted by the fact that I'm a country artist and you're the greatest artist of all time," he adds — and he's not kidding. "I've worked with people from all kinds of different genres and done well. I want you to pick me as your coach so you can teach me to sing like that."

Clarkson couldn't help but tear up as she tried to convince the young contestant to give her a shot as coach.

"You're so young! I'm crying! You're so pretty," she gushes. "Just so you know, the most beautiful parts of your voice aren't even the biggest. The most beautiful are the intimate ones when you let that falsetto set in. It's so good. You deserved every one of these chairs turning around, girl. You sound so beautiful."

But it's likely Hudson who will win this contestant (the clip fails to show which coach she picks). Holmes is a huge fan of the American Idol star — so much so that when Hudson addressed her, she started to cry and had to turn away. She's had a dream of singing with her idol, and Hudson was quick to oblige — really, she leapt from her chair!

"I'm ready!" she says as the music for "I Am Changing" starts and the two sing in unison. "You are so gifted. You are a star. It was an honor and a pleasure just to sing with you," Hudson admits.

Later, Adam Levine praises the teen not only for her voice, but for reminding him why he does music for a living. "Very, very rarely does someone come around that reignites our passion for what we do. And to hear you sing today did that," he admits. "To see that confidence naturally exist in you at such a young age, it's unheard of. After 15 seasons you really could become the absolute biggest thing to ever come on this show."

We'll have to wait until Sept. 24 to find out who she chooses when The Voice airs on NBC at 8PM ET.

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