Kenny Chesney lays out a simple recipe for happiness on his new single: 'Live a Little,' says the popular country singer, but also make sure you "love a lot." The song is the third single from Chesney's 2010 album 'Hemmingway's Whiskey.'

'Live a Little' kicks off with a chiming, distorted guitar riff that sounds more than a bit like any number of AC/DC's stadium-shakers, but that introduction gives way to the song's central, textured acoustic guitar riff before the first verse kicks in.  Chesney sings from the point of view of a guy who's just plain working too hard, and reminds himself to take some time to stop and smell the roses:

"Been going like nothing can wait / I gotta get my priorities straight / I need to live a little, have some fun / Take some time, waste it on number one / Find a girl that brings my whole world to a stop / Live a little, love a lot."

And you know what? He's got a point. In fact ... we're outta here! It's Valentine's Day for one thing, and for another, we worked just about 'til the roosters crowed covering the Grammys last night. So you all enjoy this song, see if it changes your day for the better, and most of all, have a great night. 

Listen to Kenny Chesney, 'Live a Little'

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