Carrie Underwood has been a role model for young girls ever since her time on 'American Idol' back in 2005. That includes Alex, who has perfected her version of 'Temporary Home.' Alex was maybe 10 or 12 when she recorded this cover, and she sings it in a way that would make Underwood proud.

'Temporary Home' doubles as a country song and a Christian hit, so it was perfect that Alex brought her strong vocals and this particular song to her church homecoming. The powerful hit isn't an easy one to sing, but the young girl hits the notes like a pro. She makes it look effortless and is clearly confident in her vocal abilities. In fact, she's so impressive, you may have to watch it a second time to believe it. Do we see a future country star in Alex? Let's just say we wouldn't be surprised if she was the next 'American Idol.'

You Think You Know Carrie Underwood?

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