We’ve seen some pretty touching videos with Tim McGraw’s sentimental ballad "Humble and Kind," but we’ve never seen it quite this cute.

A group of adorable kindergarteners starred in their graduation ceremony recently and performed the song on stage, all dressed in their cowboy best.

In a video shared from McGraw's Facebook page, the cuties sing at the tops of their lungs — some louder than others — as they do motions along with the lyrics, which pass on life lessons to younger generations, encouraging them to work hard, treat others well and enjoy the life they’re given.

"Humble and Kind" has become a movement for McGraw and his fans, who have been promoting #StayHumbleAndKind as a campaign for kindness. The artist recently posted a touching video compilation of several video clips showing what people around the country have been doing for others as a part of the movement, including a solider buying hungry children some food, a young man giving his elderly grandmother a dance, and a woman meeting someone who benefitted from the donation of her 18-month-old son’s organs after his passing.

McGraw has said the song is very special to him, though he didn’t write it himself. He recorded it around the time his daughter went to college, which brought him to tears during every take. "Humble and Kind" will soon be turned into a book featuring the lyrics, written by Lori McKenna, accompanied by illustrations. McGraw will write an introduction for the book.

“It is a rare moment when a song comes along that speaks equally to the world and the individual,” McGraw shares. “A song that transcends. A song that reaches into the heart of everyone who hears it. ‘Humble and Kind’ is one of those songs.”

What McGraw says is true — from grown-ups all the way down to kindergarteners, it’s a message that can be taken to heart.

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