Tim McGraw’s song "Humble and Kind" is not just a hit on the charts, it’s a movement. Fans have taken it to heart, living out the message with acts of love and kindness serving others, some of which McGraw compiled in a inspirational video.

The clips are introduced by McGraw, who talks about the reason for the “Humble and Kind” website and campaign, which is to spread the message and highlight these stories of kindness to inspire others to do the same. Some of the touching clips include a young man dancing with his elderly grandmother, a soldier buying some hungry children food at a restaurant, a woman meeting a person whose life was saved thanks to the donation of her 18-month-old son’s organs after his death, and many more unique and moving stories.

“Humble and Kind” has become an anthem dedicated to younger generations, which is what McGraw had in mind when he recorded it. Thinking about his children when he sang the song in the studio actually brought him to tears, and the artist wants to make sure the message reaches other young people, as well.

Written by Lori McKenna, the song has resonated so strongly that it will soon become a book that includes the song's lyrics with accompanying illustrations. It will also include an introduction by McGraw and epilogue from McKenna.

"It is a rare moment when a song comes along that speaks equally to the world and the individual,” McGraw says in a press release. “A song that transcends. A song that reaches into the heart of everyone who hears it. ‘Humble and Kind’ is one of those songs."

Tim McGraw Shares the Story of "Humble and Kind" 

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