Kip Moore is right when he says his new single ‘Dirt Road’ will raise a few eyebrows, it may just take awhile. Lyrically the new song is country’s Mariana Trench hiding behind familiar references to beer, moonlight and backseat romance.

A short summary of Moore’s message is that if heaven doesn’t have the things he appreciates on Earth, he’d rather not go. The singer says he wrote the song partly in response to his Baptist upbringing and his struggle to embrace parts of what the preacher was saying.

When a preacher talks of heaven, he paints it real nice / He says, you better get to livin’, better get to livin’ right / If you’re gonna get your mansion, he's been saving for your soul / If you're gonna do your dancing on city streets of gold,” Moore sings to begin the new single from his upcoming second album.

Some will misinterpret this song as a rejection of faith and God. Instead, Moore provides a voice for the confused, for those who give bigger-picture issues serious consideration instead of just accepting what they’re told. That’s a difficult thing to do in under three-and-a-half minutes, especially if radio airplay is the goal.

“But unless it's got a dirt road leading down to a fishing hole / With a little piece of moonlight / A couple cans of Bud Light / Where I can cuddle with my baby and I can pull her real close / No, I don't wanna go unless heaven’s got a dirt road,” he sings at each chorus.

Dan Couch and Westin Davis helped write ‘Dirt Road,’ a song that’s success depends on radio listeners’ collective willingness to listen closely and embrace a challenge. Credit Moore for taking a chance, and for successfully discussing a heavy issue in a way that’s still very accessible.

Why Fans Will Love It: 'Dirt Road' pushes a few buttons country artists have been hesitant to touch. He provides a voice to a large group of fans with faith, but also questions.

Key Lyrics: “Well, I’ve never been nothing / Nothing more than what you see / Like my truck, I’m made for running / Down to a midnight creek”

Did You Know?: Moore tells Taste of Country his song isn't meant to be taken literally. His faith is very strong, but the song was born from a time in his life during which he had questions.

Listen to Kip Moore, ‘Dirt Road’