Kip Moore has three or four never-before-heard songs that will debut on his new album, he revealed to Taste of Country just before the 2015 ACM Awards. And while the next release will be filled with more of the high-caliber music his loyal fans have come to expect, there is one song in particular that he is most excited to share.

"There's one song on the record ... my diehard always think they know everything I'm gonna do as far as what the record's gonna be, what music I'm gonna play, yada yada," Moore explains. But that's not the case. "I have one song on this record — and I can't tell you a title — but there is one that I cannot wait for the fans to hear. I think it's pretty special."

In addition to working on new music, Moore recently released a music video for his hot new single "I'm to Blame." The visual features the country singer crashing a wedding and stealing the bride. Unsurprisingly, it was all Moore's idea.

"I came up with the treatment," he says. "It was fun. We had a good time doing it." The opening scene of the music video, in which Moore encourages his fellow band members to "get this over with," was a homage to all the shows Moore played with his band before making it big.

"We had so many awful gigs together early on," he recalls. "We played so many dives around the country for years."

Hard work pays off, as they say.

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