Kip Moore is fortunate enough to have learned a few things from one of the best in the business, having spent some time on the road with Tim McGraw. Taste of Country caught up with Moore before Dierks Bentley's Miles for Music for Kids Event, where he gushed about the superstar and revealed what's to come for him in 2015.

“How to be a master of the dramatics, that’s what I learned from Timmy," Moore shares, speaking from the late-September charity event, at which he performed with Chris Young, Jon Pardi and Randy Houser.

“The guy can turn a nothing moment into something huge," Moore adds of McGraw. "He has a way about bringing the crowd to him without forcing them to come to him. The guy has the magic touch.”

Moore found it hard to pinpoint just one thing that makes McGraw the superstar he is, however. “His whole dadgum set, man. There’s just so many subtle things that that guy does to pull the dramatics out and make you feel like you’re in the living room listening to a show that’s got 20,000 people," the 'Hey Pretty Girl' hitmaker says. "That’s the magic that he does and I can’t explain it, you have to watch it. He’s the best I’ve seen at it and I learned how to be a pro."

While on the road with McGraw, Moore learned an especially valuable lesson: how to treat your opening acts with respect.

"The guy treated us like gold, his whole crew from top to bottom," he gushes. "That kind of stuff means a lot to me, because now I’m running my own tour and you watch some guys like that and how you’re supposed to run a tour, how you’re supposed to be a pro and he still cares. He still cares as much as I do now about being great at what he does. I can see that a mile away. With a guy that’s had that much success, he is who he is because he cares that much.”

Things continue to get bigger for Moore, who is not only running a headlining tour, but also gearing up for a big year in 2015 ... which will include some special surprises for his fans.

“We’re hopefully gonna be dropping the new single [in] the very first of the year," he says, "and hopefully the album’s gonna be following right after."

The more Moore, the better, as far as we're concerned.

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