Kix Brooks and Randy Houser are currently in Arizona filming the movie 'To Kill a Memory,' a western due out some time in 2012. Brooks plays Duke Donovan, and Houser plays a guy who seems to frequently end up in jail. Brooks recently posted several pictures from the shoot on his Facebook page, even including a shot of his son Eric, who has a small role playing a guard.

The movie started filming earlier this week, and thanks to social networking, fans can stay up-to-date while it's in progress. Brooks' first Facebook update announced, "About to start third day of filming on 'To Kill a Memory' -- kicked Randy Houser where it hurts in a fight yesterday!" It sounds like poor Houser is a human punching bag in the film, as Brooks later added, "Houser about to get his butt kicked again!"

The singer has been faithful in documenting his daily activities. "Pulling up paddy wagon -- prisoners are about to come to prison -- hang on, I'll go take a pic," one update read.

The bonus of having two country singers on board is what happened the other night: They entertained the entire cast with a Nashville style jam session, complete with wine that Brooks brought from his own Arrington Vineyards.

Today, the country star wrote one more update about the week's festivities: "Headed for Tucson -- gonna kill some outlaws today! Yuma was great, but good to be out of prison!"

'To Kill A Memory,' directed by Dustin Rikert,' stars Ernie Hudson and Abraham Benrubi. It also has one more country music friend in the cast: Muzik Mafia member and Big and Rich pal Two-Foot Fred.

As previously reported, Brooks is also working on his first solo album and says he's almost halfway done. To see more photos from the film set, head over to Brooks' official Facebook page.

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