When both Smokey Robinson and Aretha Franklin are on your side, you don't have much to worry about. That's the lesson soulful country singer Kree Harrison learned on Thursday night (March 28) on 'American Idol,' easily moving on to the next round of the reality singing competition after turning in a stellar version of Franklin's 'Don't Play That Song' on Wednesday night (March 27).

Harrison has given a number of standout performances this season, but she decided to take a slightly different approach on Wednesday night, delivering the Franklin classic in rehearsals with such effortless poise and grace that vocal coach Robinson said he was going to call Franklin -- whom he termed his oldest living friend -- to make sure she watched the show to see Harrison's performance.

The Queen of Soul herself sent a message to Harrison that was played on the air Thursday night, praising her for her rendition. "I loved it," she said. "You put that one away, and you're not going anywhere."

As it turned out, America's voting public agreed with her. Kree Harrison is safe this week, easily surviving to sing again next week.

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