Country singers Kree Harrison and Janelle Arthur teamed up with fellow 'American Idol' contestant Amber Holcomb  on Wednesday night (April 3) for a group rendition of the Billy Joel hit 'It's Still Rock and Roll to Me' that was easily one of the low points of the night.

All three of the performers have been serious contenders this season, but they were up against the inherent cheesiness of group numbers, which rarely lend themselves to delivering the individual performers' strengths. This particular rendition was absurdly corny, to the point where it felt almost like watching a bad performance on 'Glee,' forcing all three singers to perform well below standard.

The judges either heard something very different, or couldn't bring themselves to tell the hard truth to three of their favorites. "Wow, that was so good," Randy Jackson said, adding that they sounded like a real group together.

Mariah Carey praised their blend, while Keith Urban said he thought they were great together.

But Nicki Minaj didn't mice words. "It put me to sleep," she stated bluntly. "None of you stood out. It was just so cheesy."

It's just as well for the three performers that they are more likely to be judged on their stronger individual numbers when America's voters deliver their results on Thursday night (April 4).

Watch Kree Harrison, Janelle Arthur and Amber Holcomb Sing 'It's Still Rock and Roll To Me' on 'American Idol'

Amber, Janelle & Kree - Still Rock & Roll To Me... by IdolxMuzic