Up-and-coming country singer Kree Harrison sang Pink's 'Perfect' on 'American Idol' on Wednesday night (May 8), reaching outside of her comfort zone for a performance that showcased her diversity, while earning mostly praise from the judging panel.

Producer Jimmy Iovine, who has served as both a coach and somewhat of an antagonist to the contestants this season, chose the song for Harrison. She delivered it in a relatively straight rendition that was mostly similar to the original version, but with the unique vocal character that has become her trademark over the course of the year.

Harrison told the judges that she liked the message of the song, adding that she was thinking of her niece when she sang it. Keith Urban said that even in a pop setting, Harrison was still obviously a country girl, adding, "No matter what song you sing, you have such a strong signature sound."

Nicki Minaj also lauded the quality of her voice, saying that she wished she could have heard a longer performance, but what there was seemed relaxed and confident.

Randy Jackson was not as convinced, saying that he wasn't sold on the song choice, though he conceded that Harrison can sing anything. But Mariah Carey disagreed with him, pointing out how difficult it must have been for Harrison to relate to a song someone else picked for her.

After her performance, Harrison said that she's a fan of Pink, but reiterated that she doesn't want to be confused for anything other than a country singer.

Watch Kree Harrison Sing 'Perfect' by Pink

Kree Harrison 1st song, Top 3 ~ American Idol 2013 by HumanSlinky

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