Kree Harrison is a huge fan of Prince, and admits news of his death tore her up on Thursday. The "This Old Thing" singer first paid tribute to him on Facebook, before visiting the Taste of Country studio for a moving version of his song "Nothing Compares 2 U."

"Nothing Compares 2 U" was written by Prince, and made a hit by Sinead O'Connor in the early '90s. It's one of many songs most people don't realize the pop star wrote. He recorded his own version years earlier for a side project called the Family.

Harrison's version of the moving ballad is emotional and very real. The Texan has always been known for her powerful voice, and on this song she shows real range for dynamic subject matter. Guitarist Jason Martin backs her up, singing harmonies when needed. The performance is as raw and real as the emotions of millions of Prince fans worldwide in the days following his death.

Expect a new album from Harrison in 2016. The singer just released her new single, "This Old Thing," a groovy country crooner that she co-wrote. Horns, an organ and guitars back her nostalgic lyrics. She embraces simple gestures that have survived generations.

“Ain’t nothing new, I’m just saying / Still no rules in this game that we’re playing," she sings. "We’re all out here moving and shaking / To this old thing, this old thing / Yeah for this old thing, this old thing."

In total Harrison wrote nine of the 13 songs that will appear on her upcoming album, including a very emotional song about her late mother. The American Idol finalist has found her voice once again, and fans of all genres of music are better for it.

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