Country singer Kree Harrison threw a little bit of a curve ball on 'American Idol' on Wednesday night (April 17), singing the Black Crowes' 'She Talks to Angels' in a slightly different arrangement that she intended to showcase something apart from her norm.

She chose the song as part of the theme of the night, in which contestants chose songs that were in release from the year of their birth. Her arrangement was reminiscent of the organic elements of the original, but a bit less rock and featuring a more skillful, but less passionate vocal performance.

It was somewhat different from Harrison's usual performances, which have tended to dominate the competition. She displayed her usual power and control, but didn't seem to connect with the kind of passion that has characterized many of her best performances.

Still, the judges were mostly impressed with Harrison, who has been a favorite of the panel from the early part of the season. "I absolutely loved it," Randy Jackson proclaimed, while Mariah Carey praised her for her "organic and real" qualities, but cautioned her that she performed more and connected less.

Keith Urban also said that she was too aware of the cameras and staging, but added, "Your voice is so fine and beautiful, it carries you all the way through."

Nicki Minaj had no critiques for Harrison, saying simply, "That was the best performance of the night."

Harrison will find out where she stands when the votes are revealed on the results show on Thursday night (April 18).

Watch Kree Harrison Sing 'She Talks to Angels'

Kree Harrison - She Talks To Angels - American... by IdolxMuzic