Kristian Bush stopped by the Grand Ole Opry to play his debit solo single 'Trailer Hitch,' but also to give the crowd a lesson in "macho" snapping. Apparently it's so easy, even Brad Paisley can do it!

Before he began his performance on the legendary circle, Bush told the audience they'd have to snap to get it all just right. "To do this right, you gotta snap," he explained.

"Now, you can snap and still be a man and be macho ... anybody can snap. Don't be afraid ... don't be scared. Even Brad Paisley can snap!" Bush said to a laughing crowd. When he finished his snap lessons, he picked his guitar up from his chest and started to sing.

'Trailer Hitch' is Bush's fun, funky and, of course, upbeat solo single. His performance of the song at the Grand Ole Opry let his personality shine. His fancy, yet somehow casual, style wasn't complete without a tie -- it is the Opry, however.

It's hard to believe many people have never even heard the Sugarland star sing, isn't it?

Although he's now doing his own venture, he insists that the duo is not broken up. Both Bush and Jennifer Nettles say they're just on a hiatus.

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