Sometimes all you need to tame zombies is a little country music. Kristian Bush takes that undead-fighting idea in his fun 'Trailer Hitch' video.

Clearly, a zombie apocalypse begins, you'll want Bush on your side. The clip begins in a crowded bar, with zombies clawing at the glass to either get a cold beer or to have their way with the bar patrons. Bush sits rather calmly on a barstool until the zombies make their way inside.

In the Halloween-themed clip, the bar attendees start to panic, and while Bush gets a look of terror on his face, he also has a brilliant idea when a bearded man hands him his guitar. Bush takes the stage and starts playing for the undead (and unwelcome). They put their hands up and sway along to the beat. The zombies flirt with the living, have a couple of drinks and appear civil -- at least while Bush is playing.

Bush is calm while serenading the crowd, but when they start to look hungry, he starts to back off of the stage. Eventually, he runs out of the bar, away from the flesh-hungry beasts, leaving the bar patrons to fight them off themselves.

It may seem like an unusual concept for a country music video, but he's alluding to a lyric from the song. "You can't take it with you when you go," he sings. It's a good lesson for both zombies and the living.

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