We weren't big fans of Kristin Chenoweth's 'I Want Somebody' when it first dropped, and that's being kind. But somehow, this quirky fun music video makes the song a little more bearable.

When the curtain opens, we see Chenoweth opening up to her girlfriends in the beauty shop about the kind of man she's on the hunt for. As they gab, the girls in the back do an in-sync dance while waiting in their chairs.

In the next scene, it's clear she wants to be treated like a princess. A dolled-up like a movie star version of Chenoweth sits surrounded by male servants, perched on a lazy chaise lounger, still defining her perfect man -- and though there are men around, the one she can "b----- about" is nowhere to be seen.

There are a few silver screen-worthy scenes in this video, and we especially love the extreme use of pom-poms to create a synchronized dance effect. Naturally, our spitfire broad is at the center of the circle.

With choreographed dance moves and cartoon facial expressions, we can't deny that the 'I Want Somebody' video is as cheesy as they come -- but we like it. It's clear Chenoweth is sure of what she wants in a man, or completely unsure, but one thing is for certain: this music video is much better than the single alone.

Who knows, maybe the actress will create her niche in country music after all.

Watch the Kristin Chenoweth 'I Want Somebody' Video