Lauren Alaina got a chance to sit down with Dolly Parton recently as part of Cracker Barrel's Front Porch Series and pick the legend's brain. Wearing a vintage Parton T-shirt and black skirt, Alaina admits at the start of the interview that she's "literally dying inside."

"I don't think I have ever been as excited as I was when I found out I got meet, sit down with, and pick Dolly's brain," she tells Taste of Country. "There wasn't a thing in the world that was going to make me miss the opportunity. I'm not typically a nervous person in interviews, but there was something about sitting next to her that made me really anxious. I just kept telling myself to be play it cool, but that's pretty impossible next to Dolly ..."

During their chat, 21-year-old Alaina asked her hero what advice she wishes she could give to herself, if she were 21 again.

"If I was 21 again I'd say, 'You better buckle up, girl, because you're in for the ride of your life!'" Parton says with a laugh.

Alaina then shares with Parton her own coat of many colors that her great aunt made her family years ago, to which the legend exclaims, "You're kidding! That coat looks so much like mine!"

After getting some advice on how to kiss another actor on set (who's not her boyfriend) and playing a game of 'Sooo Country/Not So Country,' the time together for the two singers came to a close. But, as Alaina shares, it's a moment she'll never forget.

"Dolly is beautiful inside and out and one of the most talented females to ever be a part of the country music format," she gushes. "She inspires me with her humility, grace, style and hilarious personality. She's everything I want to be."

Alaina is currently promoting "Road Less Traveled," a new single inspired by her quiet battle with bulimia.

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