Lauren Alaina has joined a growing list of country artists using Twitter to voice their displeasure with businesses. Yesterday, the 17-year-old ran into trouble with a hotel that made her and her posse wait for a cab in the cold.

"Taxi man took me to the wrong Hilton & the people at this Hilton garden inn in Gaithersburg, Md are making us wait out in the cold for a cab," she tweeted. Fans quickly came to her defense, and she continued to express herself politely.

"I sure hope I dot [don't] catch a cold bc of these inconsiderate people. Sir whoever you are I hope your horrible situation that made your outlook On life so awful. We will be praying for you. And because of the way you treed [treated] us we will never stay at your hotel so we won't need that KEY," Alaina added over two separate tweets.

"Not taking anything away from Hilton hotels Bc they are great. However I'm just saddened by the negative attitudes people have these days," she wrote before adding, "Im sorry I'm using twitter to vent. It just makes me upset to think of all the people they may have done this to already. Oh well. Love yall."

Before signing off for the day, the singer explained her worry. It turns out standing in the cold is a health hazard for the 'Georgia Peaches' singer. "I seriously could [be affected] Bc I have asthma. And it becomes very hard to breathe in low temps. But I'm fine. Just shocked."

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