Justin Moore's trip to Dallas, Texas to watch his Arkansas Razorbacks play in Friday night's Cotton Bowl is off to a contentious start. Last night, he was asked to leave an area restaurant for allegedly hitting on two diners. It's a charge the married father of two vehemently denies.

"Literally, just got kicked out of a place in Dallas. TRUE LUCK'S! DO NOT GO THERE! Was tossed for attempting to hit on two girls," Moore tweeted at about 10PM ET on Thursday, referring to Truluck's Seafood Steak and Crab House.

"This was according to the toolbag managing the place. Apparently, he is unaware of my wife and 2 daughters. Had to be the most bizarre experience of my life," he went on.

"If you are in dallas, do not eat at this place. Wow...what a strange experience. Felt like Julia Roberts in pretty woman," he continued in a four post vent that overflowed into an ugly back-and-forth with a Twitter follower who was suspicious of his alleged motives with the women.

News of country stars leaving restaurants in a huff is becoming quite commonplace as of late. Last month, Luke Bryan spent the remainder of his anniversary venting about a sushi restaurant that made him take his baseball cap off. John Rich was also asked to leave an airplane before it departed from Las Vegas in December, but he left without causing a stir. His only comment on the situation ended up being one of the funniest tweets of December.

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