Lennon and Maisy Stella are only 14 and 9, respectively, but they've already experienced lots of excitement in their short lives. In a new interview, the 'Nashville' stars and real-life sisters gush over meeting superstar Taylor Swift and spill the beans on their co-star crushes.

Although they play Rayna James' daughters Daphne and Maddie on the ABC hit show, the girls aren't always in character. At the 2013 CMA Awards, they were able to perform for Swift as she was presented with the Pinnacle Award. And when the 'Red' singer emotionally accepted the award and said, “They told me this was going to happen, I didn’t know there would be all this, and Lennon and Maisy and the package,” she really meant it.

Lennon explains to Glamour, "It was a total surprise. She saw the mics being set up and thought maybe we were performing for someone else. She had no idea." Adds her younger sister, "She even said, 'Good luck, girls!' not knowing we were going to be singing for her."

Although the Stella sisters had never met Swift before the CMAs, she acted so sweetly toward them, and Maisy recalls, "After we sang, Taylor kissed me all over my face and I had lipstick marks! I'm like, 'I'm never showering again, I'm never showing again!'"

"But my mom said, 'No, you have to take a shower this morning!' I said, "Dangit! That didn't last for long!'" she adds. "Taylor even talked to us for 20 minutes, and when someone tried to pull her away, she said, 'No, I'm not done talking to them yet.' It was so cute."

Along with meeting Swift, the Lennon and Maisy also are surrounded by an entire cast of beautiful celebrities on 'Nashville.' But, that doesn't mean they're crushing on any of the guys. In Maisy's words, "Um, I'm nine, so everyone's really old! I'm not going to be like [in a girly voice], 'Oh Gunnar, hiiiiii!' Everyone is way older than me!"

Instead, they view their male counterparts as brothers -- which is as it should be, considering their age.

"We just love them so much as people. The guys are like brothers, especially Sam (Gunnar), Chris (Will), all of them. Chip (Deacon), Eric (Teddy), are like dads to me," Lennon chimes in. "Eric and Chip -- if something were to go wrong, and my real dad isn’t home, I would 100 percent call Chip or Eric. They really are like dads to me. They both have daughters, in and around the same age as me, and they really play that part so well on-screen and off-screen. They are so welcoming and so nurturing to us"

Meeting Swift, being surrounded by handsome co-stars who love them and starring in a hit show? The Stella sisters can't even drive yet, but they're certainly cruising along the road to success!