Allison Veltz's road to The White Room is as unconventional as it gets. The singer-songwriter penned the five-song EP about love and heartbreak she endured over the past year, which isn't unusual. But experiences gained traveling the country with her family's band laid the groundwork for her values, artistry and philosophy.

Veltz, the Taste of Country #LetTheGirlsPlay artist for January 2016, shares 10 photos taken between the time she quit the family business to focus on her own solo career. She started in New York City and notched a No. 1 hit in Japan.

"It's the fluke of my life," she says about "Mr. Taxi."

It provided a little seed money, although not enough to move to Nashville and self-fund her own album. Instead the singer turned to Rockethub to self-fund an EP and ended up earning more than she could possibly imagine. The White Room was cut in a public room in her rental house last fall. Emotion pours from every song. The pain is fresh — she was literally going through the throws of break up as a piano part was being cut.

#LetTheGirlsPlay is a movement started by Song Suffragettes, a Monday night singer-songwriter round at the Listening Room in Nashville. Veltz often performs with the collective. Her sister is songwriter Laura Veltz (Eli Young Band's "Drunk Last Night") and since she's relocated to Nashville, her parents have followed. The family gets along well, but has drawn new boundaries when it comes to their art.

Watch Allison Veltz Sing "Home to You"