As the first-ever Miranda Lambert Women Creators Scholarship winner, Anna Vaus calls the "Vice" singer an influence. But it's a different witty country female who October's #LetTheGirlsPlay artist names as her most inspirational.

Vaus says she loves how Brandy Clark delivers her message. "She’s so cool because she speaks so much truth but in the funniest little witty ways,” the Belmont University junior explains in the video above.

In addition to her solo material, Clark is a frequent writer for stars like Kacey Musgraves and Jennifer Nettles. Clark's "Hold My Hand" is one Vaus remembers making a difference in her life. She says she first listened to the song with her father.

“We both kind of like looked at each other while we were listening to it like, ‘Oh, okay.’ I could feel my heart drop into my stomach," she recalls.

So, what would the young singer-songwriter say to a woman she idolizes? She'd probably pay her a compliment as best she could, Vaus says, but "I’m awkward person so I’d probably say something weird."

Every month, Taste of Country teams with Song Suffragettes to present the #LetTheGirlsPlay artist of the month. The movement and Monday night show at the Listening Room in Nashville were started in response to the lack of women in country music. Read more about Vaus' journey at the button below.

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