It’s fitting to hear a group of rising female singer-songwriters cover an artist who gave them so much hope in 2015. Recently, five Song Suffragette performers covered Cam’s “Burning House” to close a Monday night Listening Room show. The result is as vulnerable as the original.

Taylor Faith, Lena Stone, Kalie Shorr, Emma Lynn White and Baylor Wilson are the five #LetTheGirlsPlay singers, from left to right. Shorr, the unofficial leader of this movement to get women back on the radio, begins on guitar. She also takes the first verse before White moves in. Both replicate Cam’s original version nicely.

Faith’s husky voice takes the bulk of verse two while Stone and Wilson add individual parts throughout the song. At the end, all five find room to come together, harmonizing the tender last lines beautifully. Every Song Suffragettes performance ends with a cover of a popular female singer’s song. This is the first time the group has covered Cam.

#LetTheGirlsPlay was created in response to the lack of females having success in country music. It’s something that goes beyond just getting girls back on the radio. Female songwriters are also poorly represented, but last year saw some significant shifting after years of ignoring the problem. Taste of Country is proud to be part of the solution.