Levi Hummon's new single "Don't Waste the Night" is a fast-paced, R&B influenced sheet-melter. The country newcomer builds tension throughout the three-minute-long jam, placing bad or not-so-bad ideas in your mind.

"Don't Waste the Night" is more than a great chorus, although that's where the song truly shines. Hummon's melody hooks you, but his vocals burst at various points, matching the provocative nature of the rhythmic arrangement. He's trying to convince a girl to come for a sleepover, and it's difficult to imagine him not succeeding.

This new single is for fans of Thomas Rhett but Hummon seems quite comfortable working in that space. He's a songwriter first, so while "Don't Waste the Night" packs a few more lyrics than so many country singles each is essential. It's a song that wastes very few notes.

Did You Know?: Hummon helped write Steven Tyler's debut country single "Red, White & You."

Listen to Levi Hummon, "Don't Waste the Night" 

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Levi Hummon's "Don't Waste the Night" Lyrics:

Girl I had to call / I can't stop staring at that clock on that wall / It's easy to say 'cause you know I want it all / Yeah I want it all. 

Don't take your time because that morning's gonna shine and I need those eyes staring into mine / Just cause you're tangled up in the sheets don't mean we gotta go to sleep, to sleep. 

No need for dreaming, we can make our dreams come true / Let's get lost in the moment, I wanna get lost with you / Show you what's on my mind, don't close your eyes / Don't waste the night / Come on, come over / Don't waste the night / Stay up, stay over. 

I'll take that as a yes / Through the phone I can hear you getting dressed / Saying don't mind me boy if my hair's a mess / Yeah my hair's a mess. 

Don't take your time because your'e looking just fine chilling in my t-shirt. 

Cause I don't wanna waste this bottle of wine / Don't waste the stars outside / I've never seen anything burn so bright / I don't wanna, don't wanna waste the night.

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