Lil Nas X appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday (Sept. 23) to promote his new single, "Panini," and he spoke to the talk show host about his experience of coming out as gay. Country singer Ty Herndon voiced his support after Nas X shared his revelation.

Lil Nas X explained to DeGeneres that in the same month (July of 2019) that he came out to the world via Twitter, he told his father and sister to give them a "heads up."

"Just knowing like it was something that I... should have [already] done," Nas shared about the reasoning of why he decided to come out. "But when I was in a [previous] position where I had to worry about family, friends, how they would react I guess," he explained.

Nas told DeGeneres that he hopes this can help the next generation who are LGBTQ+.

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"And also just how it would be good for the youngins who listen to me right now, who are going have to go through stuff like this in the future, so they know it's alright," he concluded.

DeGeneres also asked if he was in a relationship currently.

"Somewhat," he replied without further clarification. DeGeneres applauded him for coming out and being a role model to his fans.

Herndon also recently voiced his support for Nas during an impromptu interview with TMZ before a concert. Herndon was the first man in country music to come out as gay.

"With Nas, man... I'm a big wellness person and I was doing a wellness thing the week [that] he actually came out and I've actually reached out to him," he shared. "I'm so proud of him because with that genre [hip-hop] is extremely hard to be yourself in, I'm so proud because he's going to make a big change. I love him for that."

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