"Old Town Road" the cross-genre viral hit of 2019 has found yet another audience. Lil Nas X's collaboration with Billy Ray Cyrus is featured in the movie trailer for Rambo: Last Blood, a new action film starring Sylvester Stallone.

According to a press release, the movie — the fifth Rambo film — will be released on Sept. 20, even if the movie trailer only says "Coming soon." The now 72-year-old Stallone released the first Rambo movie First Blood in 1982. He plays Vietnam veteran John Rambo, who is a drifter, mercenary and dispenser of harsh justice. Scenes from the above clip show a movie that promises to be plenty violent.

We Should Have Seen This Billy Ray Cyrus Collab Coming!

"Old Town Road" has been the No. 1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 for eight weeks. Cyrus came on board after Lil Nas X released a solo version of the country-rap mix. The veteran country singer added a third verse and helped him fill out the chorus sonically. It's a brooding western-themed song that fits the scenes previewed well. The violence turns the track into a much darker song than it was initially, but the effect is unlikely to last.

The last few months have created a career resurgence for Cyrus, who released his new The SnakeDoctor Circus album last week. "Old Town Road" continues to register over 100 million streams each week after setting a record of 143 million weekly streams in April. Artists like Keith Urban and Diplo have covered the song and the original artists performed it recently at Stagecoach.

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