2022 was a huge year for up-and-coming country star Lily Rose: An opening tour slot for Sam Hunt kept her busy, and she was also riding the momentum of being named to the newest class of CMT's Next Women of Country. Through it all, she's been juggling her fast-rising career with planning a wedding to her fiancée Daira Eamon, to whom she got engaged in late 2021.

On the red carpet before the 2022 CMA Awards in mid-November, Rose and Eamon stopped by to chat with Taste of Country about the wedding planning process. While nailing down the logistics of such an important ceremony can be stressful, the couple say they're taking it slow and just having fun with this stage of their relationship.

"It's a nightmare that's fun at the same time," Eamon jokes, speaking about the task of booking venues, selecting food options and more logistical decisions. "We've got a lot of big things checked off."

One of those "big things" is the libations for the ceremony — and the brides have got things figured out in that department.

"We're gonna have a lot of White Claw. We love White Claw," Rose relates, adding that the most important elements of the ceremony are the attendees whose presence will make it special. "Honestly, just good music and good friends and family!"

Rose and Eamon hail from Atlanta and Las Vegas, respectively, but they've still found ways to bring their families together over the course of their relationship.

"We've done two Thanksgivings together. My parents have been to Vegas twice now and stayed with [Eamon's family]," Rose continues. "It's a family. It's great...we're excited to bring a lot of our family from Las Vegas and Atlanta to our home here in Nashville to do the thang."

The couple explain that they're eying a small wedding, which means that not too many of their fellow country artists will be in attendance, though they've got some ideas about which star would be the life of the party as a wedding guest.

"Mitchell Tenpenny throws down," Rose spills. "We like to party with Mitchell."

When she's not ironing out the details of her upcoming wedding ceremony, Rose is hard at work on a batch of new music and exciting calendar plot points for 2023. She kicked off that chapter with the December release of a new song, "Truth Is," plus a handful of headlining dates in February.

"We definitely have a ton of music coming out," she explained on the carpet of the 2022 BMI Awards in Nashville in November. "It's been kind of a slow year, musically, because I've been touring so much. We're gonna go back out on tour headlining and doing the festivals."

Rose also announced on Wednesday (Dec. 14) that she's joining Shania Twain next October for a string of dates on the country legend's Queen of Me Tour.

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