Blake Shelton had his two country cuties Liz Davis and Nicole Johnson square off on tonight's (Oct. 16) battle round on 'The Voice.' It was bound to happen, and it made for dynamite viewing, since the ladies sang his wife Miranda Lambert's hit 'Baggage Claim.'

In the rehearsal phase with mentor Michael Buble, Shelton reminded the girls that they "need to have attitude" to pull this song off. He also pointed out that it has an "Oh, no you didn't" energy and it's mission critical for that vibe to come across in the performance.

Both girls sing with country twang, but Davis had a nasally sound that affected her diction when she sang. Shelton has that issue, as well, so he was able to talk her through it. However, Davis' adenoidal issues were elevated since she was paired with Johnson, who possesses such a clear, crisp tone.

Davis declared she is done with singing in bars and honky-tonks. She wants to take that step up, so her hunger to win the battle round was palpable. Johnson's family uprooted their lives to move with her so she could follow her dream of a musical career, so she was equally as motivated to take Davis out.

Davis looked the part of leggy, country bombshell with voluminous blonde hair, black short shorts and heels while Johnson was softer and sweeter in a pink maxidress. But it was a draw when it came to their performance. They were so complimentary that they could believably function as a country duo. For our money, Davis had more of a Lambertian grasp on the song, even though both sounded similar and suited for the song.

Shelton even said that when Lambert sees the episode, she will love what each singer did.

The coach felt Davis was more laid back than he expected, which was not a bad thing, while Johnson lost her breath a few times.

"I wish I had more input from you three," Shelton joked about his fellow coaches. He eventually chose Davis since she never lost her breath and has more experience. To Johnson's credit, Shelton struggled mightily when making this choice, and he went with an artist with experience as opposed to one he needs to fully mold.

Watch Liz Davis + Nicole Johnson Battle With Miranda Lambert's 'Baggage Claim'