LoCash Cowboys are riding high on the success of their latest single, 'Keep in Mind,' which has quickly become their first Top 40 hit. Penned by hit songwriters Jeffrey Steele (who also produces LoCash Cowboys) and Shane Minor, the tune is a gentle reminder that speaks to the heart of the listener about the importance of love and those you cherish in your life.

"'Keep in Mind' has become bigger to me emotionally then I have ever dreamed," LoCash's Chris Lucas tells Taste of Country. "When I first heard the song, my immediate reaction was we gotta have it! We are very family oriented, and it spoke from our hearts about how we left home to pursue our dreams. We wanted to show a dedication to our parents. [Then when] my baby boy Caden John was born, the song took on a whole new meaning, as did my life. I could see myself singing this in the back of my mind at my son becoming a little man and how these are the words and lyrics I would want to say and sing to him."

Just as 'Keep in Mind' was breaking into the Top 40, Lucas was saddened by the loss of his beloved father, which gave the singer yet another powerful meaning when he sings the song. "My father and I were best buds, and we talked at the same time everyday," Lucas says ."It was just that friendly reminder that he was thinking about me, letting me know he loves me and missed me. It has been a serious rollercoaster of emotions for me the past couple months. There are so many ways this song reaches people, and I think I've experienced every part of the song."

He adds, "It has now been part of a healing progress to sing it at the shows, knowing my Dad is there in spirit, holding my backbone together, saying, 'I'm here with you!' I know he has been smiling down when it comes on the radio. No matter where this song falls on the charts, it has brought me to another place in my life ... a deeper meaning inside and happiness knowing how lucky I am to know and see how much I am loved by my family, and of course, my father ... I miss him so much."

When it came time for the 'Keep in Mind' music video, LoCash Cowboys turned to their fans to ask for photographs that best expressed how the song had impacted their lives.

"We actually started with a contest where fans could send in letters. That was really powerful," LoCash Cowboys' Preston Brust tells Taste of Country. "We asked them to listen to the song, and then write us a letter and tell us how that song connects with their life or how it is relative to something they’ve been through or someone they're close with had been through. We expected a handful of letters. In two or three days, we had like 300 letters. They were all really long and powerful ... the kind of letters you would hear on a real powerful TV show.  It was hard to pick just one because every story was so real and special. Instead of picking just one letter, we picked two. We flew them to concerts and they got to hang with us onstage while we sang that song."

"We really started to see that the song had the potential of being way bigger than the two guys singing it and way bigger than the songwriters," Brust continues. "It sent out a message. It was really pulling on the heart strings of everyone in the world. We decided when we shot our video we would ask the fans one more time to send in pictures that represents the same thing. All of a sudden we just got flooded with so many pictures. It was still hard to trim it down, but it was really cool to look at the video and see real people who we see on the road. We’ll be in Kansas City or something onstage, and I’ll look out and see somebody from the video."

"If I can tell or say anything to someone about this song, it's to the kids," Lucas adds. "And when I say kids, I mean anyone who still has their parents. Remember when you get that call everyday from Mom or Dad and you're busy with your life and you want to rush the conversation  -- or you want to be a little impatient because that's how us kids can be -- stay and hold on that extra minute and tell them how much you love them. Just know they just want to hear your voice and know you are OK. I wish I could tell [my dad that] again. So 'keep in mind!'

'Keep in Mind' is the first single from LoCash Cowboys' forthcoming debut album on Stroudavarious Records. To download the song on iTunes, click here.

Watch the LoCash Cowboys' 'Keep in Mind' Video

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