LoCash are set to release their first full-length album this summer, titled The Fighters. The 11-track album from Reviver Records will be available on June 17.

“The past year has been filled with so many highlights, and Chris and I have been so honored and humbled with the attention our music has gotten from radio and the fans,” Preston Brust says in a press release. “Since we released the I Love This Life EP back in October, our fans have consistently been asking for new music. We’re glad to be bringing that to them. We couldn't be more proud of this project & our road to getting here. The title track says it all. This one is for you. This one is for The Fighters.”

Bandmate Chris Lucas is also happy the duo can share with the world what LoCash is all about.

"All I can say is, ‘Wow.’ I feel like we can finally show the world what LoCash is all about and the sound we want to portray to excite the fans and future fans in our industry," he explains. "I can not wait for everyone to hear what we have been working on so hard for years!"

The Fighters includes all six of the band's songs from their EP released last year. Their previous single "I Love This Life" kicks off the album. The duo are currently on their I Love This Life Tour until September and will stop by Country on the River and WE Fest in Detroit Lakes, Minn., this summer.

LoCash, The Fighters Track Listing:

1. "I Love This Life"
2. "Ring on Every Finger"
3. "I Know Somebody"
4. "Shipwrecked"
5. "Moonwalkin"
6. "Drunk Drunk"
7. "Alll Day"
8. "God Loves Me More"
9. "Till The Wheels Fall Off"
10. "Ain't Startin Tonight"
11. "The Fighters"

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