Logan Brill’s new single "Shuteye" introduces Logan V2.0. The singer says the steamy, bluesy country-rocker is a song she couldn’t have sung a few years ago. The music video finds her where she’s most comfortable: on stage in front of a house full of wild fans.

Brill says she wanted the title track to be the first track on her latest album because she wanted to be bold from the beginning. “Shuteye” is about a lover who won’t let you sleep, for reasons few really complain about. It’s a lyric that takes confidence to pull off convincingly, and Brill admits she may not have quite been there when she cut her first album.

“I think I really had to grow into … a side of myself that is able to get out on stage and be all over the stage, singing songs like ‘Shuteye’ that are pretty bold — and shocked my grandparents I’m sure when it came out," she says.

The only comparison one could make sonically to “Shuteye” is to “Fine Tune,” a song cut from Miranda Lambert’s Four the Record album. Both rely on distortion and a slow groove to carry the story, although lyrically they’re quite different.

At the chorus Brill sings: “Oh me, oh my / Hardly catch a wink but that’s alright / Oh me, oh my / Singing my favorite alibi / Sweet thing won’t let me get no shuteye / Sweet thing won’t let me get no shuteye.”

Frantic shots of Brill singing and tossing her blond hair are mixed with black and white scenes of her band riffing a dirty blues beat. Guitars hold down the grungy song. In the background fans can been seen jumping with enthusiasm to her rocker.

Look for Brill on the road this summer, including at the Taste of Country Music Festival in Hunter, N.Y., June 10-12. She’ll also play Country Jam in Grand Junction, Colo. June 16-19. The Shuteye album was released last spring and is available at iTunes and for streaming at Spotify.

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