Love and Theft return to a polished pop-country sound with "Candyland," their red-hot debut single on Curb Records Nashville. The duo's song talks of turning a bedroom into "Candyland."

Stephen Barker Liles and Eric Gunderson recall that urgent passion that comes with a new relationship that has yet to (ahem) blossom. It's a can't-keep-my-hands-off-you passion that is equal parts exciting and dangerous. Both men are married, but they sing it like they lived it last week.

Love and Theft stepped away from a slicker sound with "Whiskey on My Breath," their last single as independent artists. Here they jump back into a more pop-friendly arrangement that delivered hits like "Runaway" and "Angel Eyes." But "Candyland" is stronger lyrically. There's less ambient fluff and more real feeling you can hang your coat on.

Did You Know?: "Candyland" was indeed inspired by the children's board game, but the song is anything but childlike.

Listen to Love and Theft, "Candyland"

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Love and Theft's "Candyland" Lyrics

"Standing In the porch light / We ain’t gonna say goodnight / The way you’re leaning’s got me thinking / There’s something more on your mind / We’re racing down the hallway / Like a Carolina speedway / Your lips are like sugar knowing I couldn’t stop at just one taste."


"Ohh baby, ohh baby / The way you move baby / Nothing like kisses in the palm of your hand / Do what you do baby / All sweet and smooth baby / Turn this room into Candyland / I, I got a take / Just, just one more taste / Do what you do baby, sweet and smooth baby / Turning this room into Candyland."

"Those cinnamon candles are watching our shadows / Dancing in the dark taking it as far as we both want to go."

"Hits me like a rolling stone, out of control / I got a sweet tooth honey gotta let you know / Got you better than a lemon drop poppin’ like a pop rock / Feeling like a kid in a candy store."

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