Love and Theft's new single, 'Angel Eyes,' is giving the band a handful of firsts, including the fact that it's a their first release as a duo. The video for the tune was just released, showing a more mature side of Eric Gunderson and Stephen Barker Liles as they flirt with temptation of dating the preacher's daughters.

The video was shot on Liles' farm outside of Nashville, and features their friends and family as the extras who come out for the big bonfire barn party, following Gunderson's afternoon Harley ride and Liles' cruise around town in his Mustang with their girls in tow. As a preacher's kid himself, Liles knows all too well the mischief that is to be had growing up with that particular title.

But like good boys, Gunderson and Liles return their sweethearts to the front steps of the church at the end of the video, as their preacher father (played by Liles' real-life preacher father) gives the the boys the look of questioning their involvement with his girls.

For Gunderson, the song is an extra special single, as he co-wrote the tune with newcomer Eric Paslay. Click here to read our interview with Paslay about how the song came about.

Watch the Love and Theft 'Angel Eyes' Video