Lucas Hoge's new song 'Should've Loved' comes from a painful, real-life experience. The Nebraska-born and raised singer's ballad is the result of a devastating breakup, although fortunately for him, it wasn't his own. Download the song for free at the link below. 

Hoge says he was at a writing appointment when he noticed a friend was in the middle of a very serious conversation down the hall. There was pacing and anxious body language. "We asked him what was wrong and he said, 'After 30 some years of marriage, my parents are calling it quits,'" the singer shares.

The men tried to console their buddy, and eventually asked what went wrong. "His response was, 'My dad just said, 'I should've loved her more.' The song was born!" Hoge continues. "We pulled our inspiration from those words, hoping to inspire people to live in the moment. Love, family and friends are what's important in life."

Hoge sings: "I should've loved / The way she really needed to be loved / But I just wasn't in it far enough / And now all that other stuff / That used to mean so much is just a blur / I should've loved her."

You'll find 'Should've Loved' on Hoge's eponymous album, which is for sale at his official website.