Lucy Angel’s new single ‘Crazy Too’ is more fun than a Furby. Sure, this family trio is singing about a man who picks up women and then indifferently tosses them aside like a penny a fountain, but they make getting used sound like something to put on your 2015 New Year’s resolution list.

Perhaps that’s an exaggeration. Lyrically, Mother Kate and sisters Lindsay and Emily Anderton cut to the bone: “I know why she keyed your car, cause I sure got the urge,” they sing during one of the finer moments in the second verse. It’s a little over-the-top -- ‘Crazy Too’ is a less dramatic version of Carrie Underwood’s ‘Before He Cheats.’ It’s like ‘Before, Before He Cheats.’

I know why she’s crazy, why she’s drinking all the time / Lookin’ more like 40 when she’s only 29 / Why her best friend and her mama / Thinks she’s lost a couple screws / I know why she’s crazy cause baby / You done made me crazy, too,” Lucy Angel sing to open the song.

‘Crazy Too’ recalls hits from Jo Dee Messina and Terri Clark. The trio’s single is one that sounded sweet a decade ago, didn’t for a long time, and suddenly fits in and stands out in the modern country landscape.

Crazy makes you do the things you swore you’d never do / Checkin’ emails, checkin’ details, calls and texts from unknown females / Crazy ain’t so crazy when you’re going through it too / Through your garbage, through your pockets, through your trunk and glove compartment / I know why she’s crazy cause baby / You done made me crazy too.”

Look for the song to be featured heavily when Lucy Angel’s new docu-series begins in January.

Why Fans Will Love It: The group's sweet harmonies add delicious irony to the subject matter. The song is the most fun broken relationship song you'll hear in 2015.

Key Lyrics: "I know why she’s crazy cause baby / You done made me crazy, too” 

Did You Know?: ‘Discovering Lucy Angel’ is a docu-series set to premiere on AXS-TV in January. During the first season fans will watch as the family trio try to launch their career in Nashville.

Listen to Lucy Angel, 'Crazy Too'

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