Lucy Angel

'Discovering Lucy Angel' Shows Not-So-Glamorous Side
Fans see the stage and the lights and hear the songs and cheerful mid-set banter. They miss the rush, the negative feedback, the disappointments and the characters that work to bump a promising career offtrack. The new AXS-TV show 'Discovering Lucy Angel' doesn't shy away from the low…
New Country Music Releases - January 2015
New albums slated for a January 2015 release come from a family trio, a bluegrass legend and one of Texas' finest. There's a lot to like in country music as the year kicks off, scroll down to see all anticipated releases.
Lucy Angel, 'Crazy Too' [Listen]
Lucy Angel’s new single ‘Crazy Too’ is more fun than a Furby. Sure, this family trio is singing about a man who picks up women and then indifferently tosses them aside like a penny a fountain, but they make getting used sound like something to put on your 2015 New Year’s …