Luke Bryan celebrated the 10th anniversary of his Farm Tour this year when the six-city trek kicked off on Thursday (Sept. 27). While's he's already hinted at some of the surprises he has planned for the trek, he admits that he never imagined the tour to last a decade.

"I never expected anything in my life to last 10 years," he says with a laugh during a recent press conference. "We've always tried to come up with fun ideas and incorporate my music and let the music dictate tours."

Bryan says he's learned a lot about touring from slowly growing his annual trek. In the early years of Farm Tour, he didn't visit the Midwest. Now, he's bringing the tour through the area and loving every minute of it.

"We've learned that we can be almost [be] like a legitimate traveling circus, and we can move this thing around and touch different corners of the country. The fact that we're 10 years in is a testament to our partners and my team and the fans that seem to really, really enjoy having us come to these small, rural areas," he adds.

When Bryan was a kid living on a peanut farm in ‎Leesburg, Ga., he says no major tours ever came through his small town. Now, he's reading headlines where some of the small towns and communities he's visiting for his Farm Tour shut down school and move football games to accommodate the show.

"The fact that hopefully I can be a big, fun, positive experience to a small, rural town—it's so fun for us and puts a big smile on our face," he says. "We're coming to these land owners' farms, when I'm able to meet the farmer or the family of the farmer. I can relate so much to these families.

"Being a farmer is one of the trickiest, toughest jobs on planet Earth," he continues. "I remember the struggles that my dad and so many of his business partners had through the years. Watching the farmers enjoy a night of music on their farm is pretty special."

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