Luke Bryan's wife, Caroline, goes all-out for his birthday every year, giving him a series of specially made birthday cakes — some of which might not be suitable for sharing online. Do you remember the disgusting (but hilarious) poop cake she gave him on his 39th birthday?

A bakery in St. Louis called the Sweet Devine posted the picture below after Bryan's 39th birthday on July 17, 2015, saying Caroline ordered the cake for the country superstar's birthday and adding that she had "an awesome sense of humor." Bryan was performing in St. Louis on his birthday that year, so she ordered the cake locally and had it delivered.

The poop cake consisted of nine chocolate cakes, baked separately, stacked and with buttercream added. A fondant cover and some decorations top off the cake, along with an unrolling roll of toilet paper that spells out, "Holy s--t you're getting old!"

Take a look below, but here's a warning: don't blame us if you never want to eat chocolate cake again in your lifetime.

Custom cakes are a birthday tradition, Bryan explained in an interview with Taste of Country Nights just days before his 39th birthday.

"She gets really, really thoughtful with birthdays,"  he said. "And she gets really, really creative with birthday cakes, so ..."

From the sound of it, the poop cake isn't even the worst of the bunch.

"Half the time they're not anything I can post," Bryan added with a laugh.

Bryan turns 46 on Sunday (July 17), and Caroline, of course, cooked up another personalized cake.

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